Stackers – Lehr Loaders

Stackers – Lehr Loaders

Displacement is made through a sphere shaft with sliding upon guides with skate-type bearings. 

Electro-mechanical control or by electronic Servo drives that allow smooth motions with speed variation. 

Rugged equipment suitable for Right-hand and Left-hand delivery. 

Available in 3-axis servo mechanical version VSTC-04. 

Smooth forward, side and upward displacement motions, independent upon 3 axles (X,Y,Z), made by servo motors.

Or 2-axis mechanical version VSTC-03. The pushing motion is completely mechanical, operated by a rod and crank mechanism. 

The above results in a sinusoidal type feeding with slow and smooth start and stop, ideal for containers’ stability. 

The stacker has a height adjusting system for best use according to the ware to be loaded. 

The movement can also be adjusted by modifying the length of pushing connecting rod.


  Rate up to 10cycles/min for model VSTC-03 and 20 cycles/min for model VSTC-04

 - Forward displacement: up to 500mm 

 - Side displacement: up to 500mm

 - Upward displacement: up to 500mm 

 - Push-bar width: up to 500mm

  Push-bar quick change lock-in system.  

  Electric control cabinet with programming operator panel and PLC, wired as per CEI standards.


1 – Push-bar with “V” shape fingers

2 – Stabilization bar for unstable articles

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